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Westwood Childcare Academy offers childcare and educational programs for children ranging in age from infants to 6 years. Our primary focus is on care, compassion and safety for all children and our experienced teachers provide a great level of individual attention to your child’s unique learning and social skills. The regular curriculum is filled with lessons and activities that promote holistic development of your child, including:

  • Intellectual programs designed to stimulate children’s brain development, improve language, memory, judgment skills, and critical thinking.
  • Social programs focused on developing and improving children’s social skills and communication with others, as well as helping them gain respect and build self-confidence.
  • Physical activities so your child will develop stronger motor skills, better coordination, and learn exercises that will help him or her support and maintain a healthy body.
  • Emotional lessons designed to make children feel compassionate, free to express their feelings in a positive manner, and comfortable in forging new relationships in a fun and nurturing environment like we provide.

All our infants' days are filled with eat, play, stories, songs, holding, sleep, cuddling and love. At this age our trained staff works with every child individually to develop a personal curriculum based on his and her timeline and the particular skills they are ready to strengthen. There is no classroom schedule to follow in our infant room, as we encourage the development of each child personally and according to his or her needs. Sign Language is explored on a daily basis.

After they master steady walking and gain some independence, infants move to the toddler room where they learn to adapt to a very loose curriculum while we still keep the individualized approach. Here children tell stories and sing songs during circle time, learn to participate in center play, do arts and craft projects, start using flashcards and explore their interests according to their age.

Based on the public school cutoff dates, our children proceed through the two, three, four year-room, and the rest of the classrooms in the same manner. They meet with a full written curriculum that needs to be followed, learn new shapes, colors, letters and numbers, as well as develop their language and social skills. At three years, children in our care get introduced to math and science concepts, learn some simple Spanish words, and continue to expand on previous projects to reinforce what they have learned. The focus is on developing their attention span and writing readiness.

To prepare for kindergarten the children investigate all of the shape, color, number, math and science areas, as well as review their letter recognition, learn letter sounds and work on mastering the skill of writing. By the completion of Pre-K4, your child will be a well rounded individual, who is more than prepared for the academic, social, emotional and physical demands that are ahead.

We run a qualified and safe childcare and early learning center in a friendly and caring setting to ensure the physical and emotional happiness of our children at all times. Gym, music, and dance classes are also included as part of our regular weekly activities at the Westwood Childcare Academy, and our entire personnel is CPR and First Aid Certified.

Give us a call or come visit our facility and learn more about our programs and the care we can provide for your child.

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Monday - Friday
7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Early drop off and late pick up available.
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Daycare Location
24 Booker Street
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