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Pre-School Program

Your preschooler is at the age when he or she is more independent, self-confident, and feeling ready to take on the world. Our program provides these young children with a safe and caring environment for them to begin this exploration through meaningful learning experiences that lead to success in school as well as in life. We have developed a program that stimulates the progress of your child and his or her growth and development skills that are crucial in these formative years.

Two & three-year olds are learning and developing at a rapid pace. At the Westwood Childcare Academy we aim to provide the support preschoolers need to become problem solvers and grow love for lifelong learning. Our exceptional childcare staff encourages children to acquire knowledge and form a variety of skills in areas like early math, literacy, and science through intentional teaching practices, structured activities, independent exploration, and practical experiences.

Preschoolers have graduated from the infant and toddler programs. Here we also continue the previous vocabulary development to reinforce their knowledge, work on math concepts with numbers, numeration, and shapes, enhance personal and social skills, as well as enjoy music and art, all to prepare them to take on greater challenges as they go through their educational journey.

Add to this a healthy dose of outdoor fun, running, climbing, jumping and playing with other kids, and you’ll begin to see why Westwood Childcare Academy is the best choice for your child’s early education. If you want a program that allows for an encouraging and fun learning environment under the guidance of extraordinary and very dedicated teachers, please give us a call or visit us at the Academy.

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Daycare Location
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