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Your child’s first years are very important for the brain to properly develop and establish a cognitive foundation for later success. That is why our programs are designed to stimulate and challenge this process, open doors, and let kids stretch their minds, build on their curiosity, and interest to learn. You can be absolutely confident that your child receives the best care and education possible here at the Westwood Childcare Academy. We pride ourselves in our curriculum and teachers, in our ability to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond through, not only, academic development, but physical, social and emotional as well.


Our Early Infant program is designed to be the safest and most caring “home away from home” for your child. Here infants can explore and learn through play and fun every day. Our program helps them develop the skills they need for a lifetime of learning ahead of them.


As your 18 month to two year old starts to develop self-esteem, curiosity, and friendships, our Toddler program allows him or her to interact with other kids, share and explore their worlds through all sorts of fun and exciting activities. We believe children learn best through direct personal experience so we encourage them to use words to express their feelings, to play outside, run and climb. Our caring early childhood teachers help them learn how to feed and dress themselves, how to take care of their toys, and build the skills needed to prepare for preschool.


As preschoolers gain more confidence they start feeling ready to take on the world. At this age children are learning and developing at a rapid pace. Our Preschool program combines independent exploration, structured activities, first-hand experiences and learning in a safe environment that guides and prepares your child to become problem solvers and a lifelong learner.


The Pre-kindergarten program helps children improve their skills in core areas like literacy, math, social studies and science, as well as art, emotional well-being and health, so their transition into kindergarten is an easy one. Our child-centered approach ensures that children feel comfortable and safe to explore their interests, curiously investigate, make decisions, and develop creative thinking and more complex problem solving skills and empathetic collaboration.

Summer Program

The summer program at the Westwood Childcare Academy offers lots of fun and exciting indoor and outdoor activities, exploration and friendships, where children learn to take responsibilities, work with one another, make choices, engage in creative arts, explore nature and gain real hands-on summer experiences worth remembering forever.

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Daycare Location
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