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Anyone who’s ever spent some time with an 18month to two-year old will tell you they are busy, curious and a bit too chatty. At this point toddlers start to develop their personality and become more independent, they want to walk and explore their worlds and can get into mischief. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where these young children can freely interact with one another, share, explore and learn.

Our Toddler Program provides a well-balanced individual and small-group approach that promotes toddlers’ emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development. Children can look at, try out, feel and explore their worlds through so many different activities and even get messy as they enjoy the new textures and materials.

Our caring teachers encourage toddlers to play outdoors, run, climb, and interact well with other children. Self-awareness is also being developed as toddlers are taught to wash their little hands and faces, feed themselves, tidy up, and learn to use the potty. At the Westwood Childcare Academy children have nutritious meals that promote healthy brain growth and development.

Our vocabulary development program continues the sign language but also allows toddlers to start expressing their feelings by introducing new words every week. We believe that direct, hands-on experience is the best way to learn so we try to enhance the language development through telling stories, acting with puppets and imaginative play.

Once their physical needs are met, all toddlers want is to be busy, praised, encouraged and loved. This is what we aim to provide for the children in our Academy.

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Daycare Location
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